2019 Bed Race Schedules

Posted on April 30, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Bed Race schedules! The Bed Race will be held rain or shine, so bring your umbrellas and rain boots if necessary! Tents are welcome in the spectator area (click for map.

Check-In– 8:45am to 9:30am

Practice Races– 8:45am to 9:30am

Bed Decorating (for private beds)- 8:45 am to 9:30 am

Team Captain Meeting– 9:30 am, mandatory at the starting line

Team Parade-10:00 am

Races-Immediately following the conclusion of the team parade

After Party- The races will conclude around 12:30 pm and the after party will begin in the H Lounge inside Hollywood Casino!

The deadline for fundraising incentives and prizes is Wednesday, May 1st at 5pm, though donations will continue to be accepted through the end of the month.

Divisions and Rules

This year we have 30 teams racing in two divisions- Competitive and Just for Fun. Teams will play in a round robin format in pool play and then advance to the finals.

In the Competitive Division, teams are split between five pools- A through E. Pools A and B have 5 teams who will race four times. Pool C, D, and E have four teams who will race three times.  For the playoffs, the winner of Pools A, B, C, D and E will each get an automatic bid to the playoffs. The winner will be determined by pool play record and in the event of a tie, team fundraising results as of 5pm Wednesday, May 1st will be the tiebreaker.  Then, three wildcard teams will be selected from the remaining teams. Wildcard #1  will come from Pools D and E, while Wildcard #2 and #3 will come from Pool A, B and C.

In the Just for Fun Division, we have eight teams racing in two groups- Pool F and G. The winner of Pool F and G will face head to head in the Just for Fun Division Championship in race #60. The winner will be determined by pool play record and in the event of a tie, team fundraising results as of 5pm Wednesday will be the tiebreaker.

Click on your team name or pool to find your pool play schedule. Full race schedules are available in PDF here by group or here by race.

Teams and Pools

Team Name Pool Division
A.D.I.D.A.S  A Competitive
Adept Marketing C Competitive
Alpha Athletic Club F Just for Fun
Bye C Competitive
Death Star Managers D Competitive
Dorothy and Oz G Just for Fun
Drowsy Drainers A Competitive
Eastones B Competitive
Firm Five B Competitive
Furniture Flyers D Competitive
Furniture Pilots D Competitive
Groves Gold F Just for Fun
Just Married E Competitive
KPMG – Dream Team A Competitive
KPMG – Snoozers G Just for Fun
Mattress Firm B Competitive
May The 4th Be With You D Competitive
Molina Heroes for Health B Competitive
Molina Mayhem B Competitive
Mutts E Competitive
NBC4 Fightin’ Peacocks E Competitive
Pipe Dreamers A Competitive
Redneck Runners C Competitive
Sauder 1 F Just for Fun
Schneider Downs G Just for Fun
Spokin’ Hot Chain Gang (Princess and the Pea) F Just for Fun
The KPMG Motors A Competitive
There’s No Place Like Bed G Just for Fun
Willow Wood Rebels C Competitive
Willow Wookies C Competitive
Zone 1 E Competitive

Races by Heat

2019 Bed Race Heat Sheet

Just for Fun Championship Race

Race #60- Pool F winner vs. Pool G Winner-

Thanks to our sponsors for making this year possible!