Imagine the joy a family feels as they move off of a
cold floor and into a warm bed. You can give that joy.

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Why Support the Furniture Bank?

The need for safe, furnished homes is very real in our community.
At the Furniture Bank, we directly address that need through real impact.

  • 206,420+ people are living in poverty in Franklin County
  • 69,600+ children are living in poverty in Franklin County
  • 3,000+ families visit the Furniture Bank annually
  • 35,000+ pieces of furniture provided annually

Keep the impact going

No Donation Is Too Small.But the more you can give, the faster a family’s need is met.

At the Furniture Bank, donated dollars equate to real, tangible impact.

Every $250 donated
furnishes a local family’s home with essential furniture.

Every $1,000 donated
furnishes four local families’ homes with essential furniture.

Choose How You Donate& how you impact local families

There Are Lots of Other Ways to Give (And Make a Real Impact).

We’re making it easy and engaging to transform empty houses into warm furnished homes.

Mail In Your Donation

Mail your donation to: PO Box 164206 Columbus, OH 43216 Attn: Development Dept

Designate Workplace Giving

Many companies like Nationwide offer giving through payroll or the United Way! Ask your workplace for opportunities.

Start A Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook makes giving back shareable, easy, and fun! Click here to set up a fundraiser.

Purchase Off Our Walmart Wishlist

Items purchased off our wishlist go directly to families that visit the Furniture Bank.  Click here to see what home goods our families need most.

<!– Take advantage of one of our retail partnerships. Spend money to raise proceeds. Find out what’s happening near you –>

Have a question about donating to the Furniture Bank?  Just contact us!

Want to Go Big?

Stock transfers, IRA distributions, and planned giving are some GREAT ways to make a direct and lifelong impact on local families currently in empty homes. Getting started is easy – simply contact us to inquire about our options, and we will work together to create a personalized plan for your needs and goals.

Contact Us To Discuss GIVING BIG

How Your Money Will Be Used

We take stewardship of donor dollars seriously as they go directly to program services. Our staff works hard to ensure that all monies donated are used to furnish homes for families. In order to do this, we keep our program, staff and fundraising costs as low as possible.

Imagine the joy a family feels as they move off of a
cold floor and into a warm bed. You can give that joy.

Donate Now