Becoming a More Than Furniture Friend

More Than Furniture Friends strives to cultivate a committed community of supporters dedicated to uplifting a new local family in need every single month.

Your monthly donation of $50 ensures that 12 children each year will have a comfortable bed, possibly for the first time. Yet, what they receive extends beyond furniture – it’s a genuine sense of hope, comfort, and lasting stability for years to come.

You can provide More Than Furniture to a new local family every month.

As a More Than Furniture Friend, you choose what piece of furniture you would like to provide to a new family in need every single month.

But your choice means more than that. See what moments and memories the furniture piece of your choice will provide year-round.

Ready to easily help a local family in need every single month?

Join by donating monthly below.


Why give monthly to the Furniture Bank?

We want you to know that your donations are accepted with sincere gratitude and a sense of responsibility. We take stewardship of monthly donor dollars very seriously and rely on them to continue to operate at the scale and efficiency we are able to operate at today.

  • It’s extremely convenient! Just like a monthly subscription service, a monthly donation is smooth and automated. Less work on your end!
  • It’s better for your budget! Monthly donations can spread your impact out over a series of months and allow for better financial planning and tracking.
  • You receive special, personalized updates! As a More Than Furniture Friend, you will receive a mid-year and year-end update of your unique impact only sent to monthly donors.
  • You make a bigger, better, and more regular impact. Your dollars will consistently fund furniture for families every single month and add up to an impressive total at the end of the year.
  • You change the lives of local families in crisis at a time when they need it more than ever.

Thank you for helping us create meaningful and continuous change among central Ohio families in crisis. Together, we are providing More Than Furniture to our neighbors in need.

Did you know? Many companies, like Nationwide and Big Lots, will match your charitable donation. Contact your workplace to DOUBLE your furniture provision and family memories made!

There Are Many Other Ways to Give (And Join Our Mission).

Give A One-Time Donation

Use this form to make an online donation now.

Mail Your One-Time Donation

Mail your donation to PO Box 164206 Columbus, OH 43216 Attn: Development Dept

Give Furniture

Use this form to schedule a furniture donation pickup.

Volunteer With Us

Use this form to volunteer with us in Columbus or Lancaster.

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Have a question about donating to the Furniture Bank?  Just contact us!

How Your Generosity Will Be Used

We take stewardship of donor dollars seriously as they go directly to program services. Our staff works hard to ensure that all monies donated are used to furnish homes for families. In order to do this, we keep our program, staff and fundraising costs as low as possible.

Want to Go Big?

Workplace giving campaigns and planned giving are two GREAT ways to make a direct and lifelong impact on local families currently in empty homes. Getting started is easy – simply contact us to inquire about our options, and we will work together to create a personalized plan for your needs and goals.

Contact Us To Discuss GIVING BIG