Pool C-Competitive

Posted on April 30, 2019

Pool C winner advances to Race #57 to face Wildcard team #3 from Pool A.B and C.

Race # Lane # 1 Lane # 2
5 Adept Marketing vs. Redneck Runners
6 Bye vs. Willow Wood Rebels
15 Adept Marketing vs. Bye
16 Redneck Runners vs. Willow Wookies
25 Redneck Runners vs. Willow Wood Rebels
26 Adept Marketing vs. Willow Wookies
Adept Marketing
vs. Willow Wood Rebels
36 Bye vs. Willow Wookies
45 Redneck Runners vs. Bye
46 Willow Wood Rebels vs. Willow Wookies

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