Expanding to serve more families in our central Ohio community

Introducing the Furnish Our Community Plan


Over 70,000 empty houses into homes of hope since 1998

To help thousands of more families turn their empty houses into homes of hope, the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio has developed a Plan to expand the capacity to provide services for up to 6,000 families in the area – a near 50% increase.

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The Current Crisis

1/3 of all families in Franklin County are living in poverty

1/4 of all children in Franklin County are living in poverty

Homelessness in Franklin County has risen a dramatic 20% in just 3 years

Our Community Impact

Nearly 90% of the families we serve earn less than $20,000/year

Each family receives 5-20 pieces of furniture – a value of $1,500 in goods and services

75 community organizations collaborate and connect us with 3,000+ families every year

Since our founding, our supporters and community collaborators makes our mission a reality for families in need of furniture, stability, and hope.

The Plan’s 4 Capacity Builders


The expanded and improved client showroom will allow us to have more furniture on the floor for family selection and increase our daily capacity to serve families with a dignified furniture selection experience.


The expanded 45,000 sq ft furniture warehouse will now be on-site and allow us to serve more local families by increasing our current capacity to collect and store essential furniture items for families in need.


A third revenue-generating thrift store will bring in a $400,000 surplus that will sustainably support our core mission and increased services.


The Plan’s endowment is a major mechanism for sustainability, ensuring that we maintain our increased services for years to come.

Ultimately, this Plan will build our capacity to provide furniture, stability, and hope for up to 6,000 local families ready to rebuild their homes, lives, and futures – every single year.

I’m ready to furnish our community

The Furnish Our Community PlanAn Innovative and Holistic Solution to Meet the Growing Need

The Community Campaign

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With one generous gift, you can help us reach our goal of $7.5 million to make the Furnish Our Community Plan a reality.

Your support will have tangible community impact.

We are only $1 million away from our impactful goal of $7.5 million thanks to an influential group of community leaders who stepped up for the sake of our community’s families and future.

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I'm Ready to Furnish Our Community

About the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

The mission of the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is to reduce the impact of poverty by providing furniture to central Ohio families and individuals struggling with severe life challenges. Since 1998, we have turned empty houses into homes of hope for over 65,000 central Ohio families by collaborating with individuals, businesses, social service agencies and faith based organizations. We collect gently used furniture, mattresses and household items from generous donors in the community then give these items to families living in poverty. Families visit the Furniture Bank to select 5-20 pieces of furniture, including beds, dressers, tables, chairs and other household items, then have it delivered the same day.

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