Leap into Kindness: Extraordinary Giving on your Extra Day!

Make the most of your extra day to give to those in need.

Join us in an extraordinary mission to furnish the homes of 29 families on this extra day! Thank you, NAI Ohio Equities, for matching gifts up to $1,000 which DOUBLES your impact on this extra day. Together, let’s take a leap of kindness and turn empty houses into homes filled with hope.


Stay connected to our social media channels to explore 29 acts of kindness you can participate in for our special 2024 leap year. Starting February 12th, we’ll reveal daily acts of kindness leading up to our day of giving on February 29th. Join us in spreading joy, kindness, and hope in the lives of local families in need!


Check out our social media channels to discover 29 Acts of Kindness.

Ready to Leap into Kindness?

We’re thrilled to announce NAI Ohio Equities is matching every gift up to $1,000. What does this mean for you? A $50 donation will not only provide one, but TWO local children with warm beds to sleep in, while a $250 gift will transform TWO local families in need with fully furnished homes of hope. Your generosity is more than just furniture; it helps create cherished memories and essential routines in life that everyone deserves. Together, let’s make this day count by giving back in an extraordinary way.


If you’d rather donate for our Leap Day of Giving via check, please send to:

Leap Day of Giving Campaign
Furniture Bank of Central Ohio
PO Box 164206
Columbus, OH 43216