Volunteers are friendly faces for families

Posted on June 15, 2018

The families served by the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio are emerging from stressful life events such as homelessness and domestic violence situations. Our friendly and experienced showroom volunteers help ease the families’ stress by guiding them through the process of selecting their furniture.

Kim Veatch has volunteered for nearly 4 years and says that she is energized by serving families. She loves letting them know they’re welcome and showing compassion for their situations. One mother, in particular, stood out to her. “She had just gotten her kids back; she got twin beds for her children. She was able to get back to mothering.”

David Amatos feels good for his part in helping to give back to people who have experienced challenges in life. A volunteer for nearly as long as Kim, he vividly remembers a veteran who asked for a full-size bed to help reduce his falls out of bed due to spasms. “We got him a king (sized bed), and he was very happy with that!”

If you are interested in volunteering, email Galen, Volunteer Manager or call 614.272.9544 x212.