Thanks To One Church, 60 Kids Will Finally Have Beds!

Posted on November 3, 2020

Our community’s churches never cease to amaze us! Last month, 77 selfless volunteers from One Church of Gahanna donated their time and talents to help struggling families in our community. With 6 hours, 1,200 wooden boards, 3,480 screws, and a whole lot of determination, One Church volunteers built and finished 30 ENTIRE BUNK BEDS! Plus, they also donated 60 mattresses and sets of linens. Click here to watch their video!

Thanks to their generosity, 60 children will now, and perhaps for the first time ever, have a safe and cozy bed to snuggle into every night this winter season and beyond. On behalf of our struggling families, we sincerely thank you, One Church. We are proud to call you a #FamilyFriend of the Furniture Bank!