Our 2022 Impact: 2,575 Families Served and Counting!

Posted on October 20, 2022

As of September 30th, we have served 2,575 families in 2022, which means we have already surpassed the amount we served all of last year: 2,541! Every year we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the invaluable support we have received through all areas of the central Ohio community, allowing us to continue to grow as an organization and serve more families every year. This year, 2,575 families’ lives were stabilized with a safe, secure, and fully furnished home. This especially touched the life of one of our neighbors in need, Kevin. He and his son had recently escaped a domestic violence situation out of state. They were classified as homeless and stayed in a shelter for 4 months before finding their own place that was completely empty. Despite the circumstances, their family was ready to rebuild their home.

Kevin said, “We’re in a process of rebuilding so the assistance from the Furniture Bank is not only very much needed but very much appreciated. I was excited to come this morning because now this empty spot that we’ve been in is going to have furniture and I‘m very thankful for that. My son is like, “Dad, I can’t wait to get a bed!” So we’re excited to say the least. I want to thank everybody here for that. I’m overjoyed. – It means so much. I have a degenerative bone disease in my back and my neck but to finally lay down in a bed is going to feel so good. The past 5 months have been terrible but I can finally see some light, being regular, being normal. – I never would have thought that I would be in a position like this but there are organizations like the Furniture Bank out there, helping to provide necessary items so that I can feel human, it gives me a third and fourth wind to keep going and to see how my story ends. Until today, we were sleeping on air mattresses. To finally get a bed is going to change so much.”

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way so that we can make amazing impacts like this on the lives of those in need; we are continuously grateful and aspire to serve over 3,000 families this year!