Commercial FAQ

Posted on September 1, 2014

Frequently asked questions


[su_spoiler title=”What types of furniture items do you accept (or not accept)?” icon=”caret”]
We are interested in furniture items that help a struggling family furnish a simple home. These include bedroom furniture (mattresses, box springs, bed frames, dressers, night stands, lamps), living room furniture (sofas, love seats, stuffed chairs, recliners, coffee tables, end tables, lamps) and kitchen furniture (dining tables, dining chairs). We also accept working appliances (refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, electric dryers, microwaves), tube TVs up to 32”, flat screen TVs up to 48”, pots and pans, place settings, and flatware.
[su_spoiler title=”If I donate my furniture items to the Furniture Bank, who will physically remove the furniture from my premises?” icon=”caret”]
As a non-profit organization, the Furniture Bank always appreciates it when a donating organization can provide the labor to physically remove the donated furniture items from their premises. Often times, a combination of donor personnel and Furniture Bank staff work together to accomplish this. When necessary, the Furniture Bank will provide all the labor to remove the furniture items.
[su_spoiler title=”How soon can you come and get my furniture?” icon=”caret”]
We will make our best effort to meet your timing needs in removing your donated furniture items. If for some reason we are not able to meet your timing requirements, we will tell you that in advance. Once we commit to removing your furniture in a certain timeframe, you can count on us to keep our commitment and do a professional job.
[su_spoiler title=”Will I get a tax receipt?” icon=”caret”]
YES – we will provide an itemized tax receipt listing all furniture items you donated and the quantities of each. We do not designate a value for any items – current IRS regulations require that the donor state the value of their donated items.
[su_spoiler title=”How does the Furniture Bank determine if they can accept my donation or not?” icon=”caret”]
The Furniture Bank’s operations management staff will ask you a variety of questions about the items you would like to donate, and the nature of the facility(ies) that they are located in. Examples include: Is there a loading dock? How many floors is the building? Is there one or more elevators that can be used in removing the furniture? Will the building be in use while furniture removal takes place? Has there ever been a bed bug problem in the facility(ies) where furniture will be donated/removed?
[su_spoiler title=”Can the Furniture Bank provide references of other large furniture donation projects you have successfully completed?” icon=”caret”]
YES – we will be happy to provide a variety of references that can attest to our professionalism, promptness and skills in removing and transporting your donated furniture items. We have worked with hotels, colleges, business offices, etc.