A Story of HOPE: First Lancaster Family Served

Posted on October 5, 2020

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio in Lancaster has served its FIRST-EVER family!

Their story: Karla and her 14-year-old daughter had been moving town to town living in friends’ homes for more than three months after recently becoming homeless. It wasn’t until Karla’s father became ill and required home health care that they began connecting to crucial resources, such as the Furniture Bank. Karla and her family received beds, a desk, a stove, and more essential furniture from the Furniture Bank in Lancaster. Karla couldn’t help but cry upon selecting her new furniture, as she “couldn’t wait to get a full night’s rest” and for her daughter to finally have “her own space to do her online school studies.”

We are so excited to know Karla and her family are on the road to independence! A round of thank-yous to our FBCO community for making this milestone possible, to case manager Stephanie at Integrated Services, & to Karla and her daughter for letting us share their inspiring story!