A Story of HOPE: Local Family Receives Furniture, Home, & Fresh Start

Posted on September 16, 2021

In August, our friends at Starfish Assignment referred Carla and her family to the Furniture Bank after suddenly moving out of unsafe and unsanitary living conditions at a local apartment complex. Unfortunately, they were left with virtually nothing after their move, as her and her six children’s belongings were ruined with sewage water and needed to be discarded.

Thankfully, though, that changed for Carla once she visited the Furniture Bank. After personally selecting her family’s new furnishings, our delivery specialists brought Carla and her family safe, clean furniture and beds to restart their daily routines and fill their homes with hope once again.

Thank you, Starfish Assignment, for letting us be a part of Carla’s fresh start! This is truly what it means to give our families more than furniture, and we thank YOU for helping us make this happen! Learn more about Carla’s story here.