Restore homes & hope for local families.

Help us furnish homes and restore hope for 1,000 local families. After a challenging few years, our neighbors in need deserve a home filled with comfort, joy, and family moments. By furnishing their empty homes with cozy couches and warm beds, we can give them just that!

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The Current Crisis In Central OhioCOVID-19’s Longlasting Impact

As they recover from the pandemic,1 out of every 3 Franklin County families still cannot meet their basic needs, including safe housing.

More than 15% of all Ohio families are behind on mortgage or rent amidst the pandemic. Of those, 35% say it’s likely they will have to leave their home due to eviction or foreclosure in the next few months.

57% of low-income families have experienced income or employment lossmore than any other group during the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, low-income families face the most stressors compared to other families, such as missing payments or depression, pushing them deeper into poverty.

During COVID-19, the City of Columbus has seen spikes up to 31% in domestic violence calls, as well as 35% increase in domestic violence related deaths.

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“People weren’t earning enough money to begin with, and now they’re not earning any money. We’re concerned about a serious wave of evictions and potentially homelessness in the months to come.

It’s a crisis level at this point.”

– Marcus Roth, Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio

How Adopt-A-Family Will Restore Hope

for local families in crisis

Adopt A Family provides 1,000 local families with essential furniture

Local families receive between 5 and 20 pieces of furniture

Furniture provides stability, memories, and hope during uncertain times

A safe, furnished home is where a family can actually be a family. A warm meal is shared around the dinner table, board-game-banter takes place at the coffee table, and a precious bedtime story is made possible on a child’s mattress and bedframe. These are the hope-filled moments and memories that every family needs – especially during hard times.

Together, we can provide a furnished home and memories to local struggling families and their children. Through Adopt-A-Family, they will finally receive both the essential furniture and hope they so desperately deserve.

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With your donation, you can Adopt-A-Family affected by:

  • Homelessness
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Safety and Security
  • Disability or Illness
  • Emergency Relocation
  • And More…


Adopt A Neighboring Family!

Adopt A Family in your community with a donation of just $250

Provide a houseful of essential furniture and homegoods

Bring hope & precious family memories to homes & lives!

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