Tiny House Mentality

Posted on October 10, 2018

If you’ve watched HGTV anytime over the past well, decade, you’ll know that “tiny houses” are all the hipster rage. And while tiny houses are generally considered those under 500 square feet, you can channel the tiny house mentality in your own home (whatever the size) to reduce clutter, live more simply, and reduce stress.

Prioritize | You might be able to live without a kitchen table but a full-size fridge is non-negotiable. Or a mini-fridge is fine but a large couch for movie night is something you just can’t live without. Identifying your priorities will help you spend money and time on what’s really important (to you).

Embrace Minimalism | It’s a movement with the requisite Netflix documentaries to prove it. It also means there’s less to dust. If that isn’t a compelling reason for less “stuff,” I don’t know what is.

Less Mental Clutter | Less physical clutter often leads to less mental clutter. Have you ever procrastinated by cleaning your entire house? At 2am? Am I the only one?

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