Thank You Donors!

Posted on August 15, 2014

Thank you to November’s financial donors for helping us turn empty houses into homes!

American Electric Power
American Greetings Corporation
Carol Anderson
Mr. and Ms. Gregory App
Mark Arnett
Joanne Aubrey
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Banton
Jan and Michael Baumann
Big Lots Stores, Inc.
Amy and Daniel Birtcher
Joyce Braithwaite
Richard and Yvonne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Budde
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bush
Michael and Sharon Bush
Campbell Hornbeck Chilcoat & Veatch LLC
Phyllis Casto
Sharon and Sujit Chatterji
Marcie Clark
Sharon Clayton
David Cockram
Columbia Frame
Community Shares of Mid Ohio
Tyler and Allison Cortelezzi
Robert and Janet Cox
Eugene Dahnke
Judith DeVore Smith and David Smith
Lois Dial
Leslie and Michael Dick
Mr. Neil Distelhorst
Michelle Dodds
William and Cathy
Donna Doyle
Joseph and Grace Dunn
David and Debora Ellison
Jack and Bonnie Evans
Bette Feist
Mary Ferguson
Olwen Firestone
Sara and David Forshey
James Frey
Dorothy Gallen
Mr. Jon Garner
Mary and Cris Geanekoplos
Michael and Melodie Gee
Dareth Gerlach
George Graham
William Grant
Suzanne Gray
Paul and Tracie Groves
Ms. Ruth Guzner
Linda and James Harrison
Mr. James Henderson
Mr. Chris Henneforth
Anna Herod
Robert and Frances Hinkle
Mr. Robert E. Hockenberger Jr.
Robert and Sandra Hockman
Mary and Randall Holton
Jo and Dennis Hone
Thomas and Terese Houle
Colleen and Donald Houser
Sandra and Michael Hudson
Donald and Janet Hyatt
Denise and Francklin Jean-Louis
JM Manufacturing
Joy and Duane Johnston
Charlotte Jones
Ms. Judith Kanfer
Margaret Kelley
Joel and Ada Kent
Virginia and David Ketner
Connie Kiser
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kramer
Swanand Lakka
David and Judy Lovell
Sharon Main
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mallott
Mary Mars
Marsh Family Foundation
Barbara Marshall
Cheri May
Kathleen McGraw
Malcolm Mogren and Barbara Macewen
Janis and Ronald Morgan
Mr. Donald Muir
Tera and David Myhal
Mary and John Neighbors
Sylvester Nowlin
Eugene and Judith Onesto
Sharon Parker
Philip and Leslie Petrella
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pidgeon Jr.
Mason and Sally Pilcher
Mary Porter
Steven Puckett
John and Carol Rachfal
Marilyn Raymond
The Refuge
The Reinberger Foundation
Polly and Michael Renner
Thomas Ridgley
Sherrie Riley
Jean and Richard Robbins
Susan Rosenstock
Daniel Ryan
Norma Sapp
Ms. Marjorie Schloss
Ms. Mary Schmitt
Donald Schneider
Madeline Shaw and Stanley Durkin
Judith and Charles Shriner
The Siemer Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slobodien
Shirley Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Snethkamp
Malia Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stein
Mr. Jeffrey Stillion
Laurence and Linda Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Stull
Thomas and Sharon Sweet
John and Phyllis Tapee
Nancy and Bryant Tela
Scott Tinsley
Fred and Joan Trippel
Virginia Tyler
Union Bank
Alan and Kimberly Veatch
Ann Ventling
Ms. Kathy Voorhies
John Wallach
Sarah Walls
James and Theresa Wcislo
Phyllis Welch
Edna Whilding
Roger and Sue Whitaker
Janice Williams
Philip and Linda Williams
Daniel and Beverly Wiltshire
Julie Wirthman
Robert and Vivian Wistner
Paul and Pamela Wittenberg
Steven Wittman and Renee Davis Wittman
Ms. Marian Woodson
Woodworkers of Central Ohio
Alice Young
Ida and Robert Zepfel
Ms. Susan Zimmerman
Dave and Carrie Zuehlke