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Quality of Life

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio reduces the impact of poverty by providing furniture to individuals and families struggling with severe life challenges. Help us furnish with purpose, and improve the quality of life in our community.

Your gently-used furniture has a #FurnishedPurpose

EPA household waste furniture


Million Tons

of household waste was attributed to furniture, according to the EPA

EPA household waste furniture


Billion Dollars

was estimated to have been spent on new furniture for residential homes

On average, the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio provides 1,200 pieces of furniture to 80 families every week - nearly 60,000 pieces a year.

We believe that your gently-used furniture, has a #FurnishedPurpose. Do you?


My gently-used furniture and housewares should not go to the curb, they can serve a new purpose. Donating my furniture can improve lives, benefiting people in need in my community. I believe that my furniture has a #FurnishedPurpose.

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How Your Donations Help

donate bedroom furniture



Donated mattresses & box springs replace the floor.

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donate kitchenware


Family Time

Donated kitchen tables & chairs bring families together.

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donate living room furniture

Living Room


Donated sofas & stuffed chairs allow families to relax.

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donate appliances


Better Living

Donated washers, refrigerators, & stoves improve quality of life.

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donate pots & pans

Pots & Pans

Warm Meals

Donated cookware allows families to enjoy meals together.

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donate cabinets & shelves


Off the Floor Storage

Donated cabinets & bookshelves provide off the floor storage.

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Your donated furniture and housewares can help a family in need.