Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is to provide furniture to central Ohio families and individuals struggling with poverty and other severe life challenges.

Our Vision is for all central Ohio families to live in furnished homes, thereby relieving suffering, strengthening family units, improving quality of life and building a better community. Community collaborations and resource sharing make this possible on an ongoing basis.


Mom and daughter

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio was established in 1998 as Material Assistance Providers, or “MAP,” to help furnish the homes of people emerging from homelessness. The first year in operation, we provided furniture to 400 local families in the basement of a church.  After moving four times in the first six years, in 2006 the Furniture Bank moved into our current facility in Franklinton after a successful $1 million capital campaign. Through the capital campaign, we built a strong relationship with local corporation Big Lots, Inc., who directed and planned our annual fundraiser for 10 years- raising more than $6 million in cash and in-kind donations for our mission. Over the years, we added delivery services for clients, started furniture auctions, added a “Health Risk-Free Warranty” to address bed bug concerns and started building furniture with the help of donated plywood from Sauder Woodworking. A member of the Furniture Bank Association of North America, we are the second largest Furniture Banks in the country and have earned numerous awards for our program- including the Columbus Foundation Award in 2013. We have served over 50,000 families- more than 154,000 people- in 16 years. In 2014, we served a record 4,549 families.

We continue our efforts with the help of furniture donations, volunteers, and social service partnerships. Contact us today to learn how you can help.

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