Furniture Auctions are Now ALL Online

For the past several years, we have staged a fun and exciting live furniture auction every February. For the many dedicated fans of that event and other “live” furniture sales, please note that we will no longer host live auctions. All of our furniture sales will now take place online.

While the February auction was certainly a big deal, it only took place once a year. Our new online auction format will allow us to offer the same great selection at auction-friendly prices all year ’round!

New auctions will take place every monthly (usually twice a month). For current auction information, you can visit our website at Check in today to place your bids on items for sale right now.

Don’t miss out on this and future sales–follow us on Twitter @FurnBankCOH and Facebook for information on upcoming auctions and other events. Good luck–and happy bidding!


Remember to read the terms and conditions of the online auctions. Enjoy!